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Chapter 4-8

When not thwarted by artificial contrivances, whatever argument Nature promulgates is, Right. The further man gets away from Nature, the further he departs from right. To be right is to be natural, and to be natural is to be right. The sun shines, therefore it is right that it should shine, the rain falls, therefore it is right that it should fall, the tides ebb and flow, therefore it is right that they should ebb and flow.

Darwin’s law exists, may be seen in operation, is practicable, of daily demonstration, therefore it also is right. It is not a dream like ‘Religion,’ it is not an invention like ‘Morals,’ it is not an assumption like ‘God.’ It is a cosmic Fact, like the sunshine, the rain, and the tides! Nature does not set up Idols, does not found Superstitions, and does not invent Decalogues. These toys and fetters have been constructed by man, for his own infinite damnation.

Neither morals, laws, nor creeds are first principles, but they may (probably) have their uses. They may be convenient engines for the deletion of Lower Organisms, for extirpating individuals of infantile intellect. Indeed the secret object of all superstitions possibly is, to provide an ultra-rational sanction for fraudulent standards of Right and Wrong.

To base a Lie upon a Myth is certainly much safer than to base it on a Reality, for you cannot run a tape measure over a Myth.

Christliness, as social quietism, has never yet been accepted by men of super-eminent strength, courage, and wisdom. Such men have everywhere regarded the Christ Ideal as a model for slavish souls only, to be humored for strategic purposes but never practiced by masters, conquerors, or kings. “Don’t do as I do, but do as I say” has ever been the dicta of High Priests and Rulers, to docile multitudes.

The evolution of sovereignty satisfactorily exhibits this ethical dictatorship, as an historical commonplace. Moral codes, (always and everywhere imposed upon the common people by ‘immoral’ combinations of cumulative craft) are never obeyed by Ruling Castes.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Chapter 4-7

From youth to hoary age, man takes an instinctive delight in all that pertains to warfare and the chase.

As a boy he twangs his arrows at the sparrows, trains and loads his toy-cannon, marshals his tin soldiers, brandishes his wooden sword, fights his mimic battles, builds his snow fortifications on the playground; and the proudest day of his life is that on which he becomes the proprietor of ‘a real gun.’

As a full grown citizen he practices homicide with repeating rifle, at moving targets, slaughtering tame pigeons with choke-bore breechloaders, hunts foxes, wolves, bears, pumas, over mountain and mere, wades up to his neck in swamps to kill teal, and travels to far lands in search of Big Game and nigger shooting.

The Indian fighters of North America take supreme joyance in slaying red devils; and to ‘pot a blackfellow’ in Queensland is boasted of round camp-fires under gum-trees as, ‘great fun.’

The Cape of Good Hope, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, have been made into veritable human shambles and gory hunting grounds, within the memory of middle aged men. Indeed the delight which men take in slaying wild animals, is tameness itself, compared with the exultation they display in hunting, trailing, and slaughtering each other.

Man-hunts were organized systematically in Lacedaemon, when the helots became too numerous and too resistive. It is not improbable that as our own surplus ‘submerged tenths’ increase in numbers, they may be thinned out by similar battues.

At every meal we rend flesh, scrape bones, suck marrow, and daintily lap blood; just as our hairy troglodyte progenitors did. The food supply of all Christian nations is composed of the body and blood, the hides and marrow of both human herds and vast swarms of inferior brutes, living, dying, dead. The lives of countless hordes of hirelings, are daily being transmuted into juicy steaks and sirloins; that those who have money may buy and eat thereof. Not only do we ferociously compete for prey i.e. for subsistence; but we literally eat each other with voracity, relish, and mutual toleration. Thus properly understood, Darwinism is not very comforting doctrine for fat men.

Public buildings and frowning fortresses, capitols and prisons, ‘temples of freedom’ and cross-crowned cathedrals, have (every one of them) been constructed upon exactly the same general principles whereby the Pyramids of On and the Palaces of Nineveh were built, every riveted girder, every iron transom, every block of concrete, every solid, squared, and polished stone, has been bedded literally on a dying groan; by the hands of dehumanized and conquered decadents, insensate, -‘of reason void, of reverence full.’

There is nothing immoral, nothing abnormal, in these grim facts. All is in strict harmony with that cosmic enactment, the Survival of the Strongest.

In the language of Germany’s chansonist:
“The living current through the air is heaving,
Breathing blessings, see them bending;
Balanced worlds from change defending,
While everywhere diffused is harmony unending.”

Instinctively we understand that the struggle for existence is absolutely needful. We feel that Nature makes no mistakes, and therefore we accept her dicta because we must; not because it has been eloquently formulated, by sublimated visionaries; or reechoed, again and again, by thousands of human microphones.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Chapter 4-6

From the scientific point of view, it is but a single step from the eating of captive cattle, horses, sheep, hares, rabbits, deer, hogs, etc. to the eating of captive men.

It may grate upon unstrung nerves to be harshly told these gruesome facts in straight language. However, calm, sensible readers must unreservedly admit that Man is not a pretty, harmless, little cherub; not even a ‘lamb,’ but the fiercest, most ferocious, most cunning, and most bloodthirsty of all the vertebrates. He is the fighting, roving, pillaging, lusting, cannibalistic animal, par excellence, the King of the Great Carnivore. When he takes his walks abroad, the ‘wild beasts’ of the field and the birds of the air, even the most courageous of them, are stricken dumb. Shuddering they fly from his shadow(or his odor down the wind) hiding in trembling and quaking with terror.

It is man’s destructive energy, not his altruism, that makes him absolute monarch of all he surveys, and yet, how feeble he is if compared to the powers of Nature that gave him being? No other beast will stand and face him, except if it cannot run away, not even a snake, a tiger, or a wolf.

Structurally, men are fashioned for purposes of inflicting and suffering pain. Every human anatomy is an elaborate nerve and bone infernal machine, a kind of breathing, perambulating Juggernaut, a superb engine of lethal immolation that automatically stokes its furnace fire with its victims.

Men rush upon each other (or upon their prey) with hoarse war-shouts and bloodshot eyes, as prowling beasts of the deserts and jungles do. Man banquets upon his quarry with greediness, snarling, and growling with ferocious triumphant delight, just like unto wolves; but he loves to act the hypocrite, turn up the whites of his protesting eyes to ‘heaven’, weep crocodile tears over his mangled, bleeding, and palpitating carrion. How exultantly he lilts his Te Deum, his Kyrie Eleison, his Et in terra pax, his Glorias, and Alleluias, while with blood-clotted jaw and distended paunch he licks his gaping wounds?
As the painted Redskin chants his vengeful ghost-song; so the furious Paleface whoops his double-leaded editorial. As the hungry lion roars at midnight on African karoo, or in Himalayan jungle, so the piratical Anglo-Teuton roars his “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, his “Brittania Rules the Waves”, or his “Watch by the Rhine.” Exactly as the Moslem fanatic yells “Allah Akbar”, while slicing up hated “Christian dogs”, so the vicious Englishman thunders forth his “Hip, Hip, Hurrah!” while driving an elegant bayonet dagger into the liver of “wicked heathens”, whose property he there after annexes, as a matter of course; for ‘business is business, don’t you know.’

Man’s anatomy, external and internal, his eyes, his teeth, his muscles, his blood, his viscera, his brain, his vertebra; all speak of fighting, passion, aggressiveness, violence, and prideful egoism.

Even the component elements of a human body are themselves in a constant state of internecine warfare. Our bony framework and pulsating tissues, are vast campaigning grounds, whereon microscopical animalculae in countless myriads, fight out their ephemeral lives, as we ourselves do, with tooth and claw. When one swarm of microbes, germs or spores conquer (in the struggle for sustenance) disease, or death supervenes to us, as the case may be. When rival hosts vanquish, then our flesh, nerves, bones, and blood become their happy hunting grounds, and our health returns, at least until the bacilli-battalions have finally eaten us out; or have been, themselves, conquered and exterminated by fiercer swarms.

It is not improbable that this earth itself is a living breathing organism and that Tribes of Man are microbes and blood sucking vermin (on it’s outer cuticle) imagining themselves ‘the whole thing.’ Just as itch creating parasites burrow themselves into out own hide, so (in our own turn) we may be unpleasant parasites, burrowing in the hide of some nobler and grander Being.

Chapter 4-5

Professor Huxley pictorially describes an African butcher’s shop, where human steaks, roasts and sirloins, were systematically retailed.

Josephus tells us of mothers who ate their own infants during the last siege of Jerusalem, and in many later sieges human flesh has been consumed.

Oriental traditions record of King Richard Lion Heart, that once upon a time when presiding at a feast of Moslem heads, he remarked with grim matter-of-factness “one roast Saracen made good entertainment for nine or ten of my good Christian men.” An English Crusading rhymer is even proud of this:

“King Richard shall warrant,
There is no flesh so nourissant,
Unto an English man;
Partridge, plover, heron, ne swan,
Cow, ne ox sheep, ne swine,
As the (roast) head of a Saracen.”

Very intelligent New Zealand aboriginals may still be found, who describe with much apparent gusto, how (in comparatively recent dates) they satiated their ravenous hunger, by banqueting all night upon the grilled flesh of foemen they had tomahawked during the day. Neither is it uncommon to hear tattooed old veterans, tell how war-captives were penned up like cattle and fattened upon each other, until required for the tribal oven (formed of red-hot stones, paved into an oval hollow in the ground): how then the fattest were selected, one by one taken out, systematically bled, disemboweled and hung up by the heels on neighboring trees; just as sheep, swine, and cattle are exposed for sale, in our own abattoirs and meat-markets. The Maoris also have a tradition, that if a man kills and eats his enemy, he by doing so, absorbs all the dead man’s vitality, strength, and courage.

In the nascent Colony of New Zealand, missionaries, soldiers, whalers and pioneers were often cooked and eaten; but by general consensus of epicurean opinion the “Pakeha’s” flesh was voted bad form, principally because it was ‘too rough and too salty.”

During the War of Secession, Northern infantrymen accidently imprisoned in a Virginia mine, devoured each other one at a time; the last man (John Ewing) dying of hunger, and leaving a written record of the facts, sealed up in a flask.

The story of Sawny Bean is well known, also the classical legends of the Cyclops, the Giants, the Phalarus Bull, the Moloch holocausts, and Homer’s Polyphemus.

Anthropophagy has been practiced in Australia, both by whites and blackfellows. In New Guinea and portions of Africa, man-eating is quite an ordinary custom to this hour. Marcus Clarke describes how Gabbet, and English-born Botany Bay convict, induced his prison comrades to escape with him (into the bush) in order that he might have a holiday and feast, picking their succulent bones and sucking out the marrow thereof. All over continental Europe there is a popular superstition that Jew rabbis steal and murder Christian infants and maidens, in order to use the blood on the door-lintels, at Passover and other ceremonials. A similiar charge was brought against the early Christians, and even proved in the Imperial Law Courts, if we are to judge by the verdicts. Human fat is regularly retailed in modern drug stores and human heads are even now a marketable commodity in the South Seas. There are also mystic brotherhoods in our midst, whose initiates pledge fidelity, and obligate themselves to life-long secrecy, by drinking blood out of a skull, over emblems of violent death ---- with daggers pointed at their throats. The foundation stones of many famous buildings, palaces, castles, temples, and monuments, have been emblematically laid upon the living body of a man ---- the Kremlin for example. Is not the Communion Service allegorical anthropophagy? Is it not a pious periodical cannibal feast in more ways than one? Does not the wine symbolize human blood, and the waters typify human flesh? Metaphorically considered, every trading Christian State is a meat market, wherein the flesh, bones, and blood not only of men, but of women and little children are bought and sold daily ---- "offered up" nominally for the "Love of God", but really for the Love of Dollars. Atrocities of the most revolting description are of daily, hourly occurence, not only in Turkey and Siam, but in New York and Chicago; not only in Cuba and Port Arthur, but in London, Madrid, and Paris; not only in Mashonaland, and on the Congo, but in St. Petersburg and Berlin. Men, women, and little children are being everywhere starved slowly to the grave, worked till they fall down, driven insane by legislation, and even tortured to death, inch by inch. Great financial corporations (backed by the State) directed mostly by Hebrews, literally coin Great Empires into golden dividends; and upon the share lists of mortgage banks and man-devouring institutions generally, may be found the names of other human Carnivores by the thousand. He who doubts, should look up the official share registers, and behold the long rows of adorable names belonging to High Priests, Philanthropists and Rulers, appearing thereon. Cannibalism was practiced in Ancient Greece at the period of highest culture. Herodotus describes Asian feasts where man's flesh was the chief dish; and down to the Thirteenth Century the Tibetans were in the habit of making their parents into broth. There are confraternities still in existence, into which no one is ever admitted until he has first killed a man. Among the Dyaks (as among our own ancestors) a youth is never considered a full-grown person capable of founding a home until he has slain at least one enemy in battle. The Thugs of India (a religious sect) brought the science of holy murder, by strategic violence, to such a pitch of perfection that they have never been surpassed ----- not even by Grant or Moltke. The Kinderawas of India, make a regular practice of eating all their diseased, useless, senile, and decrepit relations; just as packs of wolves fall upon any of their number that is seriously wounded in foray. In portions of Sumatra, law-breakers are neither imprisoned nor electrocuted, but actually carved up and eaten alive ---- piece by piece. The Capanagugas of South America make of their own stomachs the sepulchre of their dead relatives. A funeral with them is a banquet ---- the collation being a corpse. The Terra Del Fuegans throttle and eat all very old women. The Monbuttas of Central Africa carry on aggressive wars to capture flesh food. They also dry human flitches in the sun and smoke them for export. During the Tae Ping rebellion, Chinese soldiers (under General Gordon) were in the habit of cutting out and devouring the hearts of their dead enemies (on the battlefield) like the Maoris and Britons.
Mistresses were specially kept by opulent ancient Peruvians, to breed sucklings ---- for the table. When these women became too old for child-bearing, they were likewise cast into the pot, as useless incumbrances. In 1782 more than forty gypsies were executed in Austria, upon a proved charge of cannibalism. The case of the herdsman Goldsmidt, must not be forgotten; nor the gruesome London legends, regarding sausages being manufactured out of dead cats, dead dogs, dead paupers, and murdered sailors. The Ancient Scandinavians, Teutons, Celts, (vide St. Jerome) Scythians, Mongols, Sarmatians, Canaanites, Goths, and Huns were all anthropophagy. Indeed the detailed facts of how men have tortured each other for pleasure, revenge, or profit, would fill 10,000 volumes. No man in his lifetime could read or comprehend all the horrors that have been perpetrated, say in the Tower of London, the Paris Bastille, the Spanish Inquisition, the Rhine Castle Dungeons, by the Bridge of Sighs, the Bosphorous, or in the prison-hells of Chicago, Newgate, Mazas, Siberia, Sing Sing, New Caledonia, Botany Bay or Van Diemen's Land. The cold-blooded cruelty of man to man, surpasses anything that poet-cranks could conceive of, as happening in hell. Cannibalism undoubtedly originated amid over-crowded populations in some pre-historic age. Among moderns (civilized and savage) it merely exists as a survival of social conditions which have long since passed away. At some former era of the world's profoundly mysterious history, men-animals increased in swarming myriads as they are doing now; until at last on the surface of the soil there was scarcely standing room for all. Then the air became laden with the reeking effluvia of their pox, leprosy, poisoning the wells and rivers, and transforming Babylons into charnel houses and tombs. The rearing of tame cattle for food in such an environment, probably became too expensive and cumbersome. Perhaps even the cattle would also be swept away by some blight or rinderpest. Under such horrible circumstances, survivors might from necessity resort to anthropophagy. Gradually the new habit would grow upon them and become a settled custom. The segmental fragments of pre-historic civilizations are ---- the Cannibal Savages of to-day ---- the savages that we are displacing, pushing aside in order that we may enslave them and repeat over again the same weary old round of growth, power, and decay. Shoploads of dead soldiers, dug out of old battlefields, possess a regular commercial value. They are imported into England, to be chemically treated and manufactured into fertilizers for enriching exhausted wheat fields. Human hair commands a steady sale, and "cadavers" may be bought for dissection, in any great city for a dollar, C.O.D. The tanning of human skins for glove-making and book-binding (Meudon!) is an old established industry. The transformation of blood from animals into human veins, and from healthy humans into unhealthy ones (for a price), is regularly practiced by medical men. The grafting of flesh, bone, and skin, has also been successfully performed. American sheriffs and detectives hunt down tramps and criminals with specially trained bloodhounds, just as Russians hunt wolves, and sheep farmers hunt coyotes and dingos. It is nowise unusual for Negroes to be first captured, then chained to a stake, flayed alive, soaked in kerosene, and burnt to death amid exultant shrieks of corybantic delight. Roman senators fattened their lampreys and eels upon the drowned bodies of old worn out slaves and patrician maids and matrons (with uplifted thumb) sent many a gladiator to kingdom come. For innate cruelty of deed, no animal can surpass woman. In Mahometan Europe boys were unsexed by the lancet, that they may thereafter be more safely employed as harem attendants and in Christian Europe "eunuchs are made and trained and priced, to sing the praise of a risen Christ." Young girls are nightly bought and sold for currency, like horses and hogs at the street corners; and upon the profits of licensed polyandry "pillars of the Church" become millionaires. Even the salaries of fulminating evangelists are paid out of Rahab's rent. Baths of human blood are not unknown to students of history; and Jack the Ripper, with his letters written in harlot's blood; enclosing pieces of fried woman's liver to the London chief of police, is certainly not a fabulous ancient legend. Is this the record of a breed of "dearly beloved brethren?" What hollow mockery these holy phrases are, to be sure? The Brotherhood of man! Ha! Ha! The Brotherhood of Devils, rather! Allegorically speaking the clothes we wear ---- the houses we live in ---- the food we eat ---- the books we read, have been carved (by force) out of other men's bones and flesh. Literally they are the hides, sinews, flesh, pulp, and outer woolen covering of captive animals, transmuted by human slavery into garments, lumber, implements, thoughts, shoes, and daily dinners. Indeed man's tushes are against all other animate beings whatsoever; and in turn their fangs are against him. So it goes on, and on, and on, as merrily as marriage bells. Vae Victus! And behold, its good! This world is no Nirvana, where peaceful pleasure flows. It is a gruesome butcher-shop, where slain men hang in rows.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chapter 4-4

In the department of Natural History it is axiomatic that all kinds of living beings, from protozoa to man, subsist and propagate, through and by the destruction of feebler competitors, belonging to the same species or to kindred species.

Thus, the big fish eat the little fish, the big trees (by absorbing and monopolizing the nutriment) “eat up” the little trees, the strongest animals eat the weak animals and so on, ad infinitum.

Man is no exception. Conquering and masterful nations have ever been ravenous devourers flesh-food, and most of them have also been man-eaters. The slaughter-houses of Christendom reek with the dying effluvia of millions and millions and butchered brutes, that man, the King of Animal, may by day eat flesh, drink blood, and gnaw bones.

Even cannibalism is not extinct in far lands, nor quite unknown in the centers of our proudest civilizations. With the first great revolutionary cataclysm, its revival upon a gigantic scale is not an improbability.

During the eleventh century, man’s flesh was cooked, sold and eaten in England, and Englishmen may again revert to anthropophagy, if ever their imported food supplies should be suddenly and entirely cut-off, either by convulsion of nature or acts of war. Ship-wrecked crews have repeatedly saved themselves by casting lots and devouring some of their number, and shipwrecked nations (loaded up to the hatches with seething cargos of festering useless nondescripts) may yet be driven to do the same.

Innumerable are the folk-lore legends, relating to ancient and modern man-eaters. Formal human sacrifices upon the Altars of Idols are quite common. In Mexico and Ancient Britain, prelates butchered their victims (generally young virgins) in public, amid the acclaim of musical instruments, the chanting of beautiful liturgies, and the hosanna shouts of the mob.

The modern prelate does not employ the rude smoking gun gully-knife, but uses other weapons, ten times more keen and more destructive. For every human sacrifice ‘offered up’ in olden times, millions are offered now.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Chapter 4-3

The evolution (or devolution) of mankind demands the perpetual transfiguration of one man into another, continuous reincarnation, eternal rebirth and reconstruction. Scientifically considered, the ‘resurrection of the dead’ is not an illusion. Every living organism is formed from the decomposed essence of pre-existing organisms. The ‘man’ of today is actually built out of the grave-mould of his prototypes; perhaps of ages long forgotten. Thus, without death there could be no birth-material; and without conflict, fierce and deadly, there could be no surpassing.

But to individuals foolishly trained to bewail their fate, all the commonplace facts are agonizing.

“When we solemnly look upon this perpetual conflict,” writes Schelling with true theocratic pessimism, “it fills us with shuddering sorrow, and with boundless alarm, but how can we help it? Hence the veil of sadness that is spread over all nature, the deep indestructible melancholy of all life.”

Like many other philosophers, deceived by appearances, Schelling fancies savage and dreadful what is pure, mischievous that which is preservative, and calamitous that which is benign.

The flow of Destruction is as natural and as needful as the flow of water. No human ingenuity can destroy the Immolation of Man, nor prevent the shedding of blood, and why should it?

Majestic Nature continues on her tragic way serenely, caring naught for the wails of the agonized and panic-stricken nor the protests of defeat; but smiling sadly, proudly (yet somewhat disdainfully in her passing stride) at the victor’s fierce Hurrah. She loves the writhing of sword blades, the rending of tradition, the crunching of bones, and the flap of shredded shot-torn banners, streaming out savagely (in the night, in the day), over the battle-weary, the mangled dying and the swollen dead. Christs may come and Christs may go but Caesar lives for ever.

Deep, permanent, and abiding is the elemental antagonism between the Sociology of ‘the Man of Nazareth’ and the imprescriptible Laws of the Universe. They are as fire and water to each other, irreconcilable. Indeed our planetary system shall be dominated by animal wants and animal passions and animal rivalries.

Undoubtedly the Messiah ideal is unattainable, hopeless, and especially so upon its reformatory side. However the world loves to be deceived by some ghastly delusion and that is the reason perhaps, that it has taken to its bosom this rustic fable; this Gospel of Ineffectuality, the Evangel of Darkness, the Dream of an Israelite slave. “When the Assyrians and after them the Medes and Persians” writes Tacitus, “were masters of the Oriental world, the Jews of all nations, then held in subjection, were deemed the most contemptible.” Christ was a pariah Jew.

Among virile conquering tribes, the Ideal Man is ever the all-daring Jove, the splendid Apollo, and the self-reliant Achilles, of the Constructive Genius. It is only in centuries of dotage, in ages of cankersome down-going and nervous disease, that the Model Man becomes a Christ. The Model Man of our forefathers was Odin, a War Lord, but our Ideal Man is a weeping, horsewhipped Jew. * A Jew for a God!

* ‘Taunts and blows the portion of the slave.’ Macauley.

The deities of the Greeks and Vikings, Goths and Romans, were all (originally) mighty-men-of-valor, or virile women of surpassing beauty, afterwards held up (before their warlike posterity) as splendid examples of natural nobility, conscious power, daring courage, shrewdness, sexual vigor and boundless strength of character. The gods and heroes of antiquity spent their vital force in the destruction of monsters, in the seizure of new hunting-grounds, in the slaughtering of tyrants, and in the breeding of unconquerable sons.

But Christ! The God of Christendom! The Divine Exemplar! ‘That Majestic Figure!’ What godlike deed did he ever do? What unconquerable sons did he beget?

If the ‘first principles of Christianity’ should, by an unforeseen miracle triumph in the elemental conflict that is approaching, assuredly the Anglo-Saxon is played-out, his days numbered, his dominion ended, his sepulcher prepared. Multitudinous multiplication of Unfit Millions (broods of strumous semi-idiots) must then proceed through dreary, barren, brain-paralyzing centuries, winding up perhaps in a blast of pestilential plague, a Black Death.

The ‘dead and alive’ conditions of the ‘Celestial Empire’ ‘will then be applied to this Western World under the thin disguise of ‘advancement,’ ‘Progress,’ and ‘Civilization,’ an atmosphere of excruciating torture must be artificially created, hostile to all but degenerate forces as in China. In the name of ‘goodness,’ ‘righteousness,’ and ‘morality,’ Woe shall be poured out upon our Seed, as it has already been poured out on the rotten Swarms of the Orient.

Congenital enfeeblement of body, together with organic degeneracy of mind, must then go on and on, at an ever accelerating ratio, until our posterity may end (as Darwin imagined we began) by becoming chattering apes, without sense enough to light a fire, crack a coconut, or swing by their tails.

Behold the modern man! This ‘heir of all the ages, in the foremost ranks of time!’ His sight, taste, smell and hearing are all notoriously defective. He can harness thunderbolts, but the unerring instinct of a carrier-pigeon is beyond him. His brain has become an over-heated thinking engine, but he may not read the Daily Morning Liar, without spectacles. He ‘understands’ more things (or thinks he does) but if suddenly removed from his artificial environment, he would perish helplessly as the Babes-in-the-Wood. He can gauge sound waves; photograph broken bones; construct gigantic iron monsters; whisper across miles of copper wire; but, when the pointer-dog sniffs the hidden pheasant from afar off, this erudite Bundle-of-Nerves looks on in blank amusement. The fact is that the civilized man is gradually ‘losing his senses.’ If he continues to ‘progress’ at the existing rate, in a comparatively little while, he will have no smell, no sight, no hearing.

“Direr vision worse foreboding, glare upon me through the gloom!
Europe’s smoke-cloud sinks, corroding on the land, in noisesome fume;
Showering down like rain of ashes, on the Cities of God’s doom.
Bustling smug, a pygmy pack, plucks its prey from ores embraces;
Walks with crooked soul and back: glares like dwarves with greedy eyes,
For the golden glittering lies.”

Henrick Ibsen. – Adapted in the translating.

It is good for a degraded people to be utterly consumed.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chapter 4-2

Undoubtedly the Black Magic of the Christ Myth, combined with the subterranean sorcery of medieval sacerdotalism has partially succeeded, not only in sapping individual initiative, but also in suppressing in our Race many of its ancestral leonine traits and superb Barbarian Virtues. But as yet, it has not wholly triumphed in its emasculating necromancy. No! It has not transfigured us all into teams of contented oxen and bunches of earmarked sheep, although that is its final hope. There are some of the grand old stock, left alive. Few indeed are they amidst a world of slaves and swine.

The lion is still the lion, although his teeth have been most foully filed down by abominable moral codes; his skin made scrofulous with mange and leprosy of caged peacefulness, his paws fettered by links of slave-voted statutes and an iron collar of State Officialdom wound around his regal neck.

Someday, sometime, he is destined to break through the vile bonds that have been cunningly laid on him, escape from the wasting decline that originates from unnatural confinement and regain once more his primitive freedom of Action. The treacherous legislators and illustrious statesmen, who are now so eager to teach him the method of growing wool like sheep and how to fit his battle-scarred shoulders to a horse collar, may then be sorry and sad (if they have time), for he will probably chew them up.

Great and powerful governments, commanding peace, come into existence only in ages of decadence; when nations are on the downward grade. If the human animal lives a natural, cleanly life, out on the plains and forests away, where oceans rollers crash along the shore, or on the banks of the pouring rivers he requires no police-force to ‘protect’ him, no usurious Jew to rob him of his harvests, no tax gathering legislators to vote away his property, and no ‘priests of the Idol’ to ‘save’ his soul.

It is false standards of morality that debase and enfeeble individuals, tribes, and nations. First, in obedience to some sovereign code, they lose their hardihood and increase their numbers. Then that all may live, they become laborious, submissive to Regulations; and finally, with Death held up by priestcraft as a fearsome Terror, all personal valor fades away. Thus nations of spaniels are manufactured.

The normal man is the man that loves and feasts and fights and hunts, the predatory man. The abnormal man is he that toils for a master, half-starves, and ‘thinks,’ the Christly dog. The first is a perfect animal; the second, a perfect, monster.

Every belief that makes a duty of humility, that inspires people with ‘moral’ courage only, enervates their fibre, corrupts their spirit, and prepares them first for thralldom and then for, throttling.

It is not possible to conceive of Grand Life without incessant rivalry, perpetual warfare and the implacable hunting of man by man.

Terror, torture, agony and the wholesale destruction of feeble and worn out types, must mark in the future, as in the past, every step forward, or backward in evolution, homo-culture and racial displacement.

The soil of every nation is an arena, a stamping ground, where only the most vigorous animals may hope to hold their own. What is all history but the epic of a colossal campaign, the final Armageddon of which is never likely to be fought, because, when men cease to fight, they cease to be, Men.

This old earth is strewn to the very mountain tops with the fleshless skulls and rain bleached bones of perished combatants in countless myriads.

Every square foot, every inch, of soil contains its, man.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Chapter 4-1

It has taken countless evolutionary epochs to make man what he is, the most ferocious hirsute beast of prey that inhabits the caverns and jungles of earth.

Can his osseous mechanism and pathologic instincts be summarily extinguished or reversed, merely by connecting him, per an electric wire, laid through the sewer of Rome, to the feeble dynamos of Bethlehem, and Tarsus? Can his structural anatomy, intended for conflict and slaughter, be transformed in a day, a year, or even in ‘a million, millions of suns?’

To overmaster and devour his neighbor, in the reasoned effort to obtain food and booty, land, love, renown and gold is bred into the very marrow of his bones. Therefore all efforts made by Reformers and Messiahs, to transfigure him into a ‘lamb’ are foreordained to fathomless failure. Indeed it would be much more reasonable of them to attempt the transfiguration of a grizzly bear into a parlor poodle or propose the transformation of a bald-headed eagle into a gently cooing turtle-dove.

Nearly all the prophetic demigods of Democracy from Paul and Isaiah to Carlyle and Ruskin, have ever been madly screeching by the roadside, vainly endeavoring to stay the march! March! March! Of a world of bannered armies; striding grimly, sternly by. What are these howling prophets of Evil but dogs eloquently baying at the moon? “Right wheel there! Right wheel! Turn back! Turn back! You are going to the devil!” is their resounding, ear-splitting chorus. But the human flood sweeps on silently, scornfully, confident, inspired as it were by some over-mastering instinct. “We may be going to the devil” is the unspoken retort of these thundering legionaries, these Nations “but even so! Is not the Devil honest, the Destroyer of Deception! The Disobedient One?”

Can you lasso the stars with a green-hide lariat? Can you block the march of Might with magnificent howls of declamatory despair? No! No! Skyward or hellward, man moves on and on and on. If there are barricades in his way, he must surmount them or blast them aside. If there are Wild Beasts ready to spring upon him, he must destroy them or they will destroy him. If the highroad leads through hells, then those infernos must be besieged, assailed, and taken possession of, aye, even if their present monarchs have to be rooted-out with weapons as demoniac and deadly as their own.

This world is too peaceful, too acquiescent, and too tame. It is a circumcised world. Nay! A castrated world! It must be made fiercer, before it can become grander and better and, more natural.

Fools indeed are they who would arrest the unfolding process with ‘humanitarian’ Cagliostroism, and ‘rescue the perishing’ mummery. Maniacs are they who would ward off the suns blazing rays from withering souls or the blighting frosts of winter from hearts that are already broken. For, I doubt not, through the ages, one tremendous purpose runs; and maturing crops are ripened with the process of the suns, to be sickled down, threshed and rolled away.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chapter 3-14

This circling planet-ball is no naval-contemplating Nirvana, but rather a cast whirling star-lit Valhalla, where victorious battlers quaff the foaming heart’s-blood of their smashed-up adversaries, from the scooped out skull goblets of the slain in never-ending war.
And behold it is good! It is very good! It is very good!

“Blending in bloody strife,
Throat to throat, life for life;
Struggles the human still.”

And in that invigorating struggle strength is renewable. Fitness to reign, propagate and possess, can there alone be tested with mathematical precision (in nature’s majestic Judgement Hall), that is to say on the plains of Conquest where foeman looks into foeman’s eye and death lurks, like a ravenous leopard, in every bush.

They who claim Mastership upon any other basis than Conquest are Upstarts, Usurpers, and ought therefore to be deposed without mercy in accordance with the cosmic decree of ethnic displacement. Death I say! Death!

Life is a duel and only the Fittest can possibly hope to succeed. If you would Survive O reader (in the highest meaning of that word) go to, and put some splendor in your deeds. Beware of false prophecies that equalize you with slavelings and dastards! Beware of fattened priestlings and tax-collecting statesmen!

Beware the tongue that is smoothly hung, and never forget for one moment, that your greatest enemies upon earth, are those crafty courtiers who eloquently, cunningly, flatter you, that they may first win your heart, and then skin you alive. The modern Mephistopheles is the soft-toned preacher in his pulpit, the editorial sophist in his net-work of lies, the political crocodile on his ‘planks’ and his ‘platforms.’

A trinity of hell-hounds are they! Oh! Would that they had but one neck and I was, Judge Lynch!

America! America! In spite of all surreptitious bonds that in thy sleep have been laid upon thee yet pregnant thy womb is with men of Nerve, men of Valor, men of Might. Lo! The hour approacheth when in dire travail thou shalt give birth unto Thunderbolts, and Joves to handle them.

Behold that time cometh! Nay, it is at hand! But it will not be a period of pure delight. No! No! It will be a day of wrath, a dreadful day, a day of Judgement, Tribulation, and Triumph.

And Democracy! Democracy! Thou leprous thing! Thou loathsome disease! Thou plastic demon! Thou murderer of man! Many nations have bowed down to thy infection, and perish from off the earth, but America! America! Shall wipe thee out, thou blightsome malady, thou human rinderpest!

Verily! Verily! A new nobility shall be born unto thee O America! A breed of Terrible Commanders! Of Grim Destroyers! A nobility unpurchasable with the minted coins of money-changers, a nobility of Valor, of Power and of Might, a nobility honorable, clear-sighted, clean-skinned, UNCONQUERABLE.

Through the Future shines the sun of splendid struggle. Heroic Natures there lead on, as they led at Ilion. The Natural Man steps forth once more in all his daring grandeur, smashing unclean Idols, defying Gods and Laws and slave-made Morals.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chapter 3-13

The problem that we are ever called upon to solve or be eaten up, is not how to make life ‘happy and equal’ for happiness is a moving mirage, and equality an impossibility, but how men may conquer their Opportunities, surpass their Rivals, and extirpate their Pursuers.

The race is still to the swift and the battle to the strong. Beauty and booty are always the prerogatives of victorious valor. Woe unto the outgeneraled ones!

“Tis a battle for bread, for love, and for breath,
‘Tis a race for life to the jaws of death.” *

* P. Luftig. “Bulletin,” Australia

Upon the island of Java there is a remarkable valley of death. It is literally strewed with the bones and skulls and skeletons of innumerable dead animals and creeping things. In the due season, giant turtles, five foot by three in diameter, travel up through it from the sea, to lay their eggs. En-route, they are set upon by packs of wild dogs and these dogs roll the turtles upon their backs and then devour them alive, by tearing out their unprotected entrails. When the dogs are gorged, they in their turn, fall an easy prey to ambushing tigers. Then hunters kill these tigers for their variegated skins. Rank grass springs up after the rainy season, through the skulls and the bones that litter this tropical Golgotha and droves of cattle gather there to fatten. Again the cattle are hunted for their hides, horns, and flesh, and their bones are also left where they fall, to manure the valley and prepare it for new generations of hunters and hunted. Such is in miniature, a picture of the every day world as it actually is. All living beings are pursuing and, being pursued.

Woe unto those that stumble! Woe unto ye who fall!
They who accept the ‘Equality, Faith, Hope, and Charity’ ideal, in any shape or form whatever, interpret the facts of mortal life as they are not, as they never have been, as they can never be. Indeed when the animal world becomes ‘moralized’ and ‘equalized’ it will be extinct. No doubt when contemplating the dark side of all this, Pascal was impelled to write with superstitious medieval diapason: “I am affrighted like a man who in his sleep has been carried unto some horrible desert island, and there awakes not knowing where he is, nor how he shall escape.”

Degenerates only are thus affrighted at the tragic majesty of their surroundings.

If this struggle is ordained of us, why not enter into it with kingly courage, with dauntless delight? Why not go forward, daring all things, to conquer or die?

Is it not better to perish than to serve? ‘Liberty or death’ is not a meaningless phrase. No! It is of tremendous import to those who, comprehend.

What it death that it should make cowards of us all? What is life that it should be valued so highly? There are worse things than death and among them is a life of dishonor. All men lead dishonorable lives who serve a master with the hand or brain.

Life itself is but a spark in the gloom that flashes out and disappears. Why therefore not make the most of it here and now, Here and Now!

There is no ’heaven of glory bright,’ and no hell where sinners roast. There is no Right, there is no Wrong, nor God, nor Son, nor Ghost.

Death endeth all for every man,
For every “son of thunder:”
Then be a Lion in the path;
And don’t be trampled under.

For us there is no rest, no Kingdom of Indolence, either on this earth or beyond the skies, no Isles of the blest, no Elysian Fields, no garden of the Hesperides. No! No! All these magical legends are but fanciful waking dreams, ‘fiction of mortals of yore.’

Here and now is our day of torment! Here and now is our day of joy! Here and now is our opportunity, to eat or be eaten, to be Lion or Lamb! Here and now it is war to the knife, no escape, no retreat. Choose ye this day, this hour, for no Redeemer liveth!

Every attempt made to organize the Future must necessarily collapse. The Present is our Domain and our chief duty is to take immediate possession thereof upon strict business principles.

Strive therefore against them that strive against you, and war against them that war against thine. Lay hold of shield and buckler or their equivalents, stand up! Be a Terrible one in thine own defense. Raise up also the Clenched Hand and stop the way of them that would persecute you. Say unto thine own heart and soul “I; even I, am mine own redeemer.”

Let them be hurled back into confusion and infamy, who devise thine undoing. Let them be as chaff before the cyclone and the Angel of Death pursue them, nay overtake them. In a pit, they have hidden a trap for thy feet: into that very destruction let them fall. Then, exultant, ‘sound the loud timbrel.’ Rejoice! Rejoice! In thine own salvation. Then all thy bones shall say pridefully “who is like unto me?” Have I not delivered myself by mine own brain? Have I not been too strong for mine adversaries? Have I not spoiled them that would have spoiled me?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Chapter 3-12

No paternalistic government mechanism (however theoretically perfect), can ever keep the base-born and the well-born, the thoroughbreds and the hybrids, in a state of perpetual equilibrium. You might as well try to bind down an earthquake with hoop-iron, as to rule the Strong with “be it enacted.” “Be it enacteds” were invented only to frighten captives with.

What power on earth can permanently keep the Negro on a parity with the Anglo-Saxon?

The Strong must have their way in spite of all puritanic proscribings, all mock moralisms, all degrading legalisms, all constitutional covenantings. Neither the machinery nor the raw material of equality has ever existed; only the dream, the idea of it. Equality! Equality! In that one word is summed up the accumulated dementia of two thousand years! The thought of it was born in the brain of an inferior organism: and the brains of inferior organisms nourish it still.

How can beings who for ages have been born and bred to toil and subjectivity, ever comprehend the feelings of those who are free-born, and of valorous decent, of those who understand the cosmic law that Might is Master?

You cannot muzzle a tempest with a cobweb, bridle a volcano with a shoe string, bottle up a cyclone in a powder horn, nor catch a tidal wave with a boat-hook. Neither can you put a bit between the teeth of the Strong. They will see you, in Sheol first.

No artificial plan of society, no pious incantations however sincere and well intentioned; can ever prevent the pot that is of iron from smashing and sinking, the pot that is of clay, and why should it? If social equilibrium had been feasible, it would have been established ages and ages ago. It never has been established, and it never shall. *

* “Man has a right to substance,” wrote Thomas Paine. “Yes” replied an observant reader, “he has a right to live one thousand years, if he can.” It is not a problem of Right but of Ability, Strength.

What then is the good of eternally dreaming, theorizing, and constructing phantom castles-in-the-air, cities of god, gardens of delight, upon foundations of deliberate unveracity? Let us be men, whole men, not clamorous, tearful little children demanding infantile sugar-plums. Let us face the fierce challenging facts of existence as boldly as our forefathers did before ‘christly comfort and consolation’ was introduced to un-man them, not like crouching, cringing, terrorized, oriental pariahs. Let us not be lured to wholesale annihilation by sonorous Asiatic evangelisms, that have proved themselves worthless and unsuitable to our temperament, our climate, and our breed. Let us be sensible, brave, and practical; and as Virchow somewhat trenchantly recommends: “Accept things as they really are, not as we choose to imagine them,” or rather as they have been imagined by dotard philosophers, daft poets, and castrated clerics.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chapter 3-11

To solemnly proclaim that ‘all me are created equal’ is as stupid and unscientific as to assert that all dogs, cattle, apes, and trees are equal.

Are there not as many diverse varieties of dogs, cattle, apes, and trees as there are of men, planets, germs, stars, and suns? Where then is the intrinsic equality between an oak tree and currant bush, between a mettlesome wolf-hound and a yelping street cur, between a buffalo bull and a hand-fed steer, between an untamable gorilla of the woods and an organ grinder’s castrated monkey, between a cosmic-brained Bismarck and that famous Christling, ‘the good young man who died.’ Cannot a blooded bulldog whip a solid score of lean half-starved street mongrels? Upon exactly the same principle, a small body of bold, self-reliant, brainy men are ever more than a match (under any circumstances) for 10,000 nay, 10,000,000 greasy mechanics. What is a mechanic anyhow but a specially trained slave? And it would take the spirit of 1,000 American slaves to make that of one live man. Theoretically all these organisms are of ‘the same species,’ but in the savage rush for bread, love, space and life, there are as much functional difference between them, as there is between a royal Bengal tiger and ‘Mary’s little lamb.’ The lamb was made to be eaten and the tiger was made to eat it; and man was born to struggle as the sparks fly upwards.

The necessities of environment make of each man, the rival or enemy of other men, more especially, those with whom he comes in direct personal conflict. Where then does equality come in? It does not ‘come in’ at all. It is an idiotic myth. There must always be a substratum of victimized organisms. How could there be heroes if there were no slaves? How could there be great nations if there were no contemptible ones?

Compare the noble qualities inherent in some dogs with the obsequious ‘virtues’ that distinguish nine men out of ten. Now, give to a canine or homo equal liberty of action, equal opportunity, equal ‘rights’ and what will be the result? Must not the fiercest fighter fatten, while the skeletons of lean weaklings project through their scrofulous hides? What power originating among themselves could dictate and enforce, equality of opportunity?

Socialism, Christianism, Democratism, Equalityism, are really the whining yelpings of base-bred mongrel-multitudes. They howl aloud for State intervention, ‘protection for suffering humanity,’ regulated mill-grinding as it were; with the State to be their Supreme Idol, their God and Master, their All in All, their Great Panjandrum. Poor deluded base spirited ‘weeds.’ Truly the ‘Curse of God’ is in the very marrow of their bones, in every pump-stroke of their dying hearts.

The man who prays to be ‘protected’ by politicians, guarded by armed Janissaries, saved by idolatrous priests, and redeemed by State Regimentation is indeed a miserable sinner, a vile, despicable, un-manly wretch.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chapter 3-10

Heredity has ever so much more to do with social conditions then the majority of modern men are willing to admit. Judging by results, that nations ignore Birth and Breeding at their peril, for just as there are noble animals, there are noble men. If a stock-raiser throws down his dividing fences and permits all his cattle to mix-up promiscuously together, what kind of a herd would he have, say in one decade? Nothing but weeds, hybrids, and mongrels!

Now, that is exactly what nations attempt when they endeavor to establish an equality of privileges and of happy, peaceful conditions.

The close psychological connection that exists between ancestry and degeneracy, crime, genius, insanity, etc., etc., is now everywhere being acknowledged, thanks to the researches of Galton, Lombroso, Mosso, Otto Ammon, Ferri, Kraft Ebbing, and others.

If criminals are criminals, by descent or by birth, is it not equally probable that slaves are slaves by the facts of their breed and ancestry? Does it not also follow that heroes and strong, powerful, resolute, personalities, have derived their solid stamina from their forefathers. Indeed all history and all genealogies prove that this is a mathematical fact. Great men are ever the descendants of mighty warriors and conquerors, that is to say, of mighty animals.

Von Otto Ammon cites a remarkable instance, which goes to prove the selective and ethnic advantages of Warfare. He states that all German children born during the Franco-Prussian campaign of ’71 (also, the years immediately following) show a strikingly high average excellence, both of body and mind.

The converse is equally demonstrable. Show me a herd of humans who have been underfed day-drudges from their youth up and I will show you a herd of cattle whose ancestors were, also, propertyless vassals and serfs, beaten in diplomacy and in war for ages past. (Take the Irish peasantry and the fellaheen of Egypt as examples.) This statement admits no qualification, for if one exception can be discovered, it will serve to prove the general rule. A man in the full possession of all his faculties, of leonine ancestry, well-born, self-contained, would rather cut his own throat from ear to ear with a blacksmiths rasp, than live the life of an average hired laborer in any civilized ‘hell’ on earth.

The nexus between self mastership and breed is of tremendous significance. Therein is the Lost Secret.

Undoubtedly new born infants are daily coming wailing into this world, with the words, statesman, tramp, wastrel, warrior, priest, philosopher, criminal, thief, king, slave, and coward, indelibly branded upon their brows, their hearts and their brains.

Our talents, our virtues and our vices, depend entirely upon our individual mechanism; and that mechanism is the result of countless chemic transformations, extending over ages but modified to a large extent by climate and soil. “What is bred in the bone, will never come out of the flesh,” wrote Pilpay thousands of years ago. There is a pregnant ethnic philosophy in four lines (quoted from Keramos):

“This clay well mixed with marl and sand,
Follows the motion of my hand;
For some must follow, and some command:
Though all are made of clay.”

Although all may be made of clay in the poetic sense, it must never be forgotten that the clay itself is composed of differentiated elements. The clay that is in a Blackfellow or a Chinaman is not the clay that is in a Shakespeare or a Bismarck. Some ‘clay’ will grow good wheat and make very bad bricks, just as some breeds of animals are born to be hunters and others born to be hunted. Some clay will raise splendid crops, even from poor seed, and some never produces anything (no matter how highly cultivated) except thorns and weeds and nettles and poisons. The natures of men are molded almost entirely by the nature of the soil from which they have been grown. Man is a perambulating crop. In some places he grows to perfection; in other locations he won’t grow at all or runs to seed. In India the Anglo Saxon dwines and dwindles, but in Canada and the Northern States he even develops increased stamina.

All science, all history, and all experience are unanimous in disproof of equal, natural rights for all men (that strident doctrine of the fool); and yet the insolent, proofless assertions of a Zeno, a Jefferson, a Jack Cade, Robespierre, or a Jewish Carpenter (when fantastically engrossed and framed or bound in a book) are passively accepted by the intellectual serfs of this degenerate nineteenth century, and trumpeted to the end of the earth as a sublime and holy revelation. Equalityism passes almost unchallenged in public orations, because to openly question its veracity is felt to be unpopular, and with the ignoble leaders of public opinion in all democracies, popularity is everything, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. The result in Anglo-Saxondom is simply nauseous.

Young men are mentally mutilated, systematically ‘educated’ by schools, press and literature upon fundamental hallucinations, pyrotechnic shams and glittering illusions, illusions that are the perennial source of fruitless servile uprisings, social heart-burnings, internecine unpleasantness and sundry other secondary symptoms of social cancer.

Our Government Educational Systems are absolutely under the direct control of Politicians. These Priests-of-the-State select and train the teachers, vote the salaries and dictate what Truths and Lies the textbooks shall contain. Indeed our National Schools are managed upon the same Jesuitic plan, whereby monks and prelates of old, successfully worked the Universal Church. “Come right here and we’ll improve your mind free of cost,” suavely saith the high priests of this New Idolatry, this devouring Dragon, the Impersonal State. So the pure-hearted, rosy-cheeked, little ones enter unsuspectingly. Gradually, as they are ‘brought under the influence,’ the grey brain-pulp is forced out of plastic young skulls, and lies, nice pretty poetic lies (mixed with unavoidable facts and perverted truths) skillfully injected. Did you ever see medical students extract the brain of a frog and then fill up the vacuum with pith? The frog does not die, it lives, hops about quite lively and seems to possess its former intelligence and vitality, but it is all illusion. What experiment vivisectionist do to frogs, state-priests do to the children of men.

Bit by bit, with dates and lists and emasculated histories, the iniquitous brain-wrecking deviltry proceeds. When completed, young men and women are turned out with addled brains, into a warring world, incapables, semi-imbeciles, unable to defend or assert themselves, footballs of fate, ready to serve anyone. Is it not notorious, the ineptitude, mechanical imitativeness and want of initiative, displayed by state-educated young men? Instead of being urged to think and act for themselves, they are taught, like well-drilled slaves to Believe and Obey. They are even trained to glorify and worship Idols, with strident shouts and modulated canticles, not honest Idols of wood and stone, but Idols of sheepskins, bound pamphlets, variegated rags and the falsified renown of dead Scoundrels, i.e. Statesmen.

It requires a stout rope, a firm post and muscular men to hold an unbroken colt. But when by Force and petting he has once been subdued, i.e. tamed, educated, saddled, bridled, he may be led anywhere, even with a piece of twine in the hands of a little child. O, ye State-Priests, so adroit, so eloquent! Ye cunning demons! Ye wolves in sheep’s clothing! Ye corrupters of Youth! Ye generation of vipers! How can you escape someday from being “hung up by the tongue on the red-hot hooks of a real live hell.”

Thirty years ago the United States quixotically essayed to demonstrate racial equality with riffle bullets and bomb-shells, but failed most ignominiously. Southern valleys were strewn with Northern and Southern bones and millions of tax-treasures blown from the lips of cannons without any tangible result, except to demonstrate before an interested world, the utter failure and hollowness of equality principles.

A people that deliberately enters upon a gigantic war in order to firmly establish a Centralized Despotism, and at the same time reduce itself to the social level of the Negro, the Russian Jew, the Coolie, the Chinaman, and the European Serf must indeed (to use a suggestive vernacularism) have ‘wheels in its head.’

The ‘man and brother’ lie has certainly succeeded in writing itself in a ‘constitutional amendment’ but in real life it is far from actuality as ever it was. The ‘free’ Negro of New Orleans or Charleston is a more degraded, more despised being; and of less money value to his proprietors now than when it was customary to buy and sell him at the auction block, instead of as at present on the Stock Exchange.

What the late civil war really accomplished was to degrade the white slave to the lower level of the plantation nigger, and in that respect it was a triumph in ingenuity. The whites fought, actually fought each other to demonetize themselves. Equality! Equality! What brilliant deeds have been ‘perpetrated’ in thy name? Lincoln however! Was he not ‘a great statesman?’ Decidedly he was! Well indeed he knew how to ‘round-up’ the herd with bewitching phrases?

Hark! Do you hear those drunken slaves caterwauling down the street? Lo! It is election night! “Hurrah! Hurrah!” They sing, “We’ll sound the jubilee! Glory be to Lincoln, the man who made us free.” In Morocco the eunuchs and other menials, bless their fate and the Prince, at the very time he condescends to cut their throats with his own hands. Americans however, are a free-born people not to be duped in this way.

Throughout both Northern and Southern states, the social chasm between the highest and lowest human organisms (whether white or black, or black-and-tan,) is even more pronounced now, than ever it was previously. For example, although the Negroes are a majority in many States, they are never permitted to attain actual administrative power and they never shall.

You cannot paint the Negro white with laws and constitutions, though you write it in the fire and smoke of wars and revolutions.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Chapter 3-9

Even the giddy doctrinaire who so cunningly concocted the bombastes-furioso fictions of the Declaration* could not apparently have believed them himself. Was he not a slave-driver (residing among slave-drivers) who bought and auctioned human cattle for dollars and cents all the days of his life? No doubt for purposes of state-craft and necessary war-craft he wove his philosophic preamble of Strong Deceit. Probably also, he was comparatively honest, and even sincere but among the alluring priests of Unreason, the most dangerous is the fanatical propagandist.

* Mayhap, Franklin (who had a comic vein,) wrote them as grinning jokes. By the way every signature, attached thereto, represents a slave-holding, slave-trading constituency. All the colonies traded in niggers.

When Jefferson dictated his fatal and untenable abstractions, he was not even original but plagiarized Zeno the Stoic, Jack Cade, Savonarola, Milton, Plato, John Ball, etc. Zeno said: “All men are by nature equal,” but carefully refrained from attempting to demonstrate it. Milton defended it in his prose essays, Plato voiced it in his “Republic,” John Ball preached it in medieval England, Savonarola perished trying to establish it in Florence. Jack Cade, Robespierre and Christ were also failures, ghastly failures.

“If human experience proves anything at all,” writes James Fitzjames Stevens, “it proves that, if the restraints are minimalized, if the largest possible measure of Liberty is accorded to all human beings; the result will not be equality but inequality, reproducing itself in a geometrical ratio.” Remove the restraints and see how quickly an aristocracy based on Merit would mow down an aristocracy based on Credit.

In actual life, he who claims equality with another, is ever called upon to prove his claim, not by a grotesque abracadabra of silly phrases, parroted from antique philosophers or blue-moldy documents but by actual deeds, that is to say, by producing his credentials. Constitutional theories are all very well to humbug stridulating slaves but in a freeman’s household, or business, they are not ‘legal tender.’ Among men of affairs, natural egalitarianism is regarded as amusing moonshine, mere spread-eagleism, fit for public meetings only. Business minds thoroughly understand, (having learnt by bitter experience) that some men are destined by Nature to bear command and some to obey: aye, even for a thousand years before their birth.

No one can study the laborers on a farm, the ‘hands’ in a big foundry or factory, the seamen in a large seaport, the nomadic hirelings on a railroad construction gang: or the clerks and salesmen in a city warehouse, without perceiving at a glance, that the vast majority of them are extremely poor specimens of humanity.

The ideal type of manhood or womanhood, (that is to say, ‘Ye Thoroughbred’) is not to be found among these captive hordes, for captives they really are. Their heads are to a large extent unsymmetrical, their features distorted, ape-like, unintelligent. Their bodies are out of all proportion, dwarfed, stunted, diseased, malformed, cretinous.

Their movements are contracted, artificial, ungainly, and their minds (outside of routine) are utter vacuums. When compared with the traditional idea of Strength, Beauty, Courage, and Nobleness of character, they are an extremely ill-bred herd of cattle: exhibiting all the psychological stigmata of inherited brain-rot and of physical decay. “A crown of thorns on every brow, that is the wage they’re earning now.” *

* Ibsen.

Nine-tenths of them are positively repulsive in language, mentality, and in general appearance. They even display an extraordinary low average of animality; and upon the slightest exposure perish off, like sheep that have the lung worm. Heated rooms, woolen clothing, and stimulating beverages, are the means whereby their watery blood is kept in languid circulation. Every new generation is feebler, and more debased than its predecessor. All the scientific evidences of metal, moral, and bodily deterioration, are markedly accentuated in them and, their timidity is proverbial,* hard, continuous, methodical labor, destroys courage, saps vitality, and demoralizes character. It tames and subdues men; just as it tames and subdues the wild steer or the young colt. Men who labor hard and continuously have no power to think. It requires all their vital forces to keep their muscles in trim.

* “The brave man may fail sometimes, but the coward fails always.” Angelo Mosso.

Indeed, the civilized city working-man and working-woman are the lowest and worst type of animal ever evolved from dust and slime and oxygen.

They actually worship Work: and bow down before Law as an ox-team crouches and strains under the last. Look upon their shrunken cheeks, their thin lips, their narrow, retreating, irresolute jaws, their decayed teeth, sharp puny noses, small watery eyes, yellow bloodless complexions, bent shoulders, dry hair tending to baldness, struggling thin beard: the women with pinched features, waspish fragile waists, want of bust development, consumptive, neurotic, artificially barren, emaciated, hungry, dwarfed, hysterical.

The minds of the average workmen and workwomen are either total vacuums or stuffed to the brim with every conceivable species of lies, iniquity, superstition, and sham. Indeed how could they remain in such conditions of base loathsome hirelingism, were they not deficient in all the Primitive Virtues, in all that is manly and womanly?

Behold! Upon their brow is stamped (with red-hot cattle brands) the word “damned.” Eternally tortured are they in a patent purgatory invented by Politicians. Their tribunals however may really be but Progression in disguise, because their shameful self-degradation must ultimately end in their utter extinguishment. Hopelessly they are entangled in the snare, hopelessly defeated. For them there is no escape, no! Not even through fields of blood.

Poor trembling wretches! Washing their own hands in their own sweat! Nay, in their own heart’s blood! Born thralls are they, or, born madmen! Their days are without hope and their years are consumed for naught. When their Master speaks unto them there is trembling in all their joints.

They waste their lives pursuing shadows, and for hire, build their own tombs. Their minds are below freezing point, nay! Below zero! Crippled souls are they.

They knead their own flesh into daily bread, and transmute their ‘contrite hearts’ into basins of gruel.

They look unto idols for deliverance, * aye and grind their dry bones into baskets of coal. At thoughts of battle they blench with terror; at the sight of naked bayonets, they run like whipped hounds.

* When the Roman Empire was tottering to its fall, the worship of the state was an established cult, just as it is to-day. Better to adore blocks of wood or stone, than bow our hearts, our heads, and our knees before those troops of Unclean Beasts, Politicians!

Therefore, strength leapeth down upon them as the panther leaps upon his quarry. And in a moment of time they are blotted out.

My soul abhorreth them as an abomination. My hand reacheth out to clutch them by the throat.

Chapter 3-8

Every atom of organic matter has its own vital peculiarity. Every animate being is different in osseous structure and chemical composition. Ethnology, Biology, History, all proclaim Equality to be a myth. Even the great epics of antiquity are all glorifications of inequality: inequality of mind, inequality of birth, of courage or condition. Can equality of body, equality of mind, equality of origin, equality before the law or any other kind of ‘equality’ be demonstrated by any one fact?

Mentally and morally, every breathing being is a self poised monad, a different ego. No two germs, planets, suns, or stars, are alike. Among the higher vertebrates this is especially so, and consequently, the only law that men ought to honor or respect; is the law that originates, and finds it final sanction is themselves, in their own consciousness.

Inequality is summed up in the scientific axiom “inferior organisms succumb, that superior organisms may survive, propagate, and possess.” In other words, the proper place for Lazarus is to rot among the dogs. And the proper place for Caesar is at the head of his irresistible legions.

From the soles of his feet to the crown of his head, the bones, skin, and flesh of his body, even the grey brain pulp, the electric nerves and tissues, mental ganglia and internal viscera of a man belonging to the African, Mongolian, Semite, or Negrito breeds are all fundamentally different in formation, constituents, and character; from the corresponding anatomical sections in men of Aryan descent. The points of non-resemblance may be superficially imperceiveable, but they are organic, deep seated.

Notwithstanding the dexterous writers of strategic fables, dross is dross, gold is gold, and some men are better, born nobler, born braver than others.

Aristocracy by birth rests upon an unalterable scientific basis of heredity and selection; but an aristocracy of money rests mainly upon bolts and bars, i.e. upon laws that may be abrogated at a moments notice.

Though unable to reason out in logical sequence their inherent abhorrence of social and racial equality, most men instinctively detest it, in practice.

What white father for example, would encourage the marriage of a hulking thick-skulled Negro with his beautiful and accomplished daughter? Would he enthusiastically ‘give her away’ to the matrimonial embraces of a Chinaman, a Coolie, or the leper-hugs of a polluted ‘mean white?’ Are there ten such citizens even in North America, where equality of birth and condition is so much speechified and, never seen? Are there five? Is there one who would not rather see the daughter of his loins, stiff, stark and cold in her shroud? Should that one exist (he being of sound mind) let him speak. Then and only then, can this diabolical gospel of intrinsic equality be reconsidered.

Meanwhile, plain practical citizens are justified in regarding it, not as a self-evident truth, but an insolent, malignant and abominable lie, a lie that shall yet be stamped out forever, with blood and fire.

You have only to look at some men, to know that they belong to an inferior breed. Take the Negro for example. His narrow cranial development, his prognathous jaw, his projecting lips, his wide nasal aperture, his simian disposition, his want of forethought, originality and mental capacity: are all peculiarities strictly inferior. Similar language may be applied to the Chinaman, the Coolie, the Kanaka, the Jew, and to the rotten-boned, city degenerates of Anglo-Saxondom, rich and poor. Vile indeed are the inhabitants of those noxious cattle kraals: London, Liverpool, New York, Chicago, New Orleans: and yet, in those places is heaped up the golden plunder of the world.

Enthographists of the very highest authority, assert that over ten thousand years ago, the black, white, and yellow types of men-animals were as pronounced, and as ineffaceable as they are to-day. The hieroglyphics and records of ancient tombs and monuments, cuneiform inscriptions, antiquarian researches, and the systematic study of pre-historic skulls and skeletons all bear the same uniform testimony.

Inequality of birth and condition can never perish from off the earth. Never! And why should it? Who can fill the valleys up and lay the mountains low?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Chapter 3-7

But, Equality before the Law is all we mean, whimpers the everlasting sophist, the cunning liar! Let us see! By what rational method can any two litigants be placed in a position of unconditional ‘Equality before Law?’ First of all, plaintiff and defendant always possess totally different physical and mental characteristics, different personal magnetisms, and, different sized bank balances. Also, all judges, juries, and legal officials are unequals in temperament, ability, courage, and honesty. Each one has his own peculiar idiosyncrasies, prejudices, inferiorities, superstitions, and, prices. Each again, may be more or less dishonest and more or less subject to financial pressure or caste bias. No two men are born alike, each one being literally born under his own particular star, formed of different material, swayed by different ideals, educated and molded in a different mill, by a different process.

Even if all tribunals of Justice were founded upon a blind Impartiality and administered free of cost, it will be plainly seen, that ‘Equality before the Law’ remains a mere chimera, a dream; and of no real value. ‘Equality before the Law’ is just a meaningless catchword, something like that famous Jesuitism, ‘Liberty regulated by Law.’

Statute Law may formally confer equal rights and privileges upon unequal citizens, but it cannot enforce itself, it must execute its mandate through human media and that media is full up to the brim with superiorities, inferiorities, and inequalities.

No legalism has ever been devised that Strength can not drive its coach and four through. And it is a popular proverb (in all lands) that somehow, there is “one law for the rich and another for the poor.” Indeed the poor can never be placed upon an equality with the rich, not even by the pillage of the rich.

Whether they are the Fittest or not, the present proprietors of Wealth should never permit themselves to be plundered without savage struggle.

Sooner or later, the hour of this struggle in its acute form shall arrive, but the Rich must not dread it. If they prepare in time, the result shall not only justify their mastership, but render it impregnable, if they are Fit. To be respected and secure, Aristocracies must rest themselves upon a Sworded Might, not upon paper-credits, consols, and bonded issues.

Should the Opulents be conquered and pillaged, that in itself will be conclusive evidence that they are neither the Fittest nor the Best. Upon this earth there is no such thing as equal justice.

All legal tribunals are based, not upon ideal concepts of Justice and Fair Play, but upon effective armed Strength. This is a House in Christendom and elsewhere. How then can the robbers and the robbed, the eagle and the pigeon, the chicken and the hawk be placed in positions of genuine equilibrium before removable officials, specially paid and appointed to ‘vindicate the Law,’ that is to give forcible effect to the Dicta of the Strongest?

All judges are authorized avengers, armed to the teeth, and all hangmen are licensed assassins, trained to kill. These words are not spoken in disparagement. Assassins and avengers! Ha! If that be so…

Truly they that ‘seek the Lord’ do suffer hunger, but lions seek for prey.

When an army of occupation settles down upon an enemy’s territory, is issues certain rules of ‘procedure’ for the orderly transference of the property and persons of the conquered into the absolute possession and unlimited control of the conquerors. These ‘rules of procedure’ may at first take shape as orders issued by military generals, but after a time they develop themselves into Statute Books, Precedents, and Constitutions. Indeed all Law is now and ever has been, the mandate of successful belligerents or rather the mandate of the few masterful personalities that ever inspire them.

Equality before the Law, is thus a contradiction in terms for Law itself is an incarnation of Inequality. It is true only in the subjective sense, that all who obey the Law are equally servants of those who make it or cause it to be made.

Drum-head court martials are really Law Courts in embryo, Congresses and Parliaments are merely committees of rapacious tax-gatherers. Legislators may describe themselves as ‘representatives of the people,’ but that is only a cunning masquerade. Their chief vocation is to strengthen ‘the Law,’ uphold ‘the Constitution,’ vote the annual ‘Appropriations’ and devise ways and means of exploiting the nation or of permitting it to be systematically looted by their accomplices, or, their Masters.

The principles that govern a ‘hold-up’ are the self-same principles that govern government. No government on earth rests on the consent of the governed.

It is reasonable therefore for a confederation of masterful bandits to place themselves in positions of absolute equality, before their intended victims. The idea is absurd on the face of it. Brigandage necessitates inequality: and every government on earth, is organized and enthroned Brigandage. *

* “Have we not shown that government is essentially immoral?” – Herbert Spencer

Las Casas, the Spanish Jesuit, was the first in America to spread word about the false, subversive, and shameful theory of ‘equal human rights,’ but since his time it has been boastfully accepted on all sides, by vast hordes of witless persons who are in all countries, the numerical majority. “The race of fools” as Plato sagaciously remarked, “is not to be counted,” not even in this, ‘land of the free.’

Although Equality (in any shape) has never been scientifically proven nor logically defended: nevertheless it passes from tongue to tongue, from brain to brain in current discussions for ‘gospel truth,’ just as clever counterfeit coins are passed unsuspectingly from hand to hand.

The Equality superstition is tolerated by clear-seeing men, for one reason only. It assists them to govern the thoughts: and by governing the thoughts, to exploit the property, energy, and labor-force, of their soft-minded, good natured neighbors: who really believe it to be true, who think it, glad tidings of Great Joy.

Behold! When the fraudulent ‘equality of natural rights’ evangel is mellifluously poured forth in the Market Places by suave dollar-hunting attorneys or half educated mechanics, even those staid citizens (whose whole life is of it a direct disproof) lead the roaring, raving, yelling crowd in its maniacal bellowings.

Lo! The Angel of Lunacy is camped in their souls!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chapter 3-6

How can citizens be honestly described as free and equal who are not, who never were ‘free and equal’ in any reasonable sense of the phrase? How can they be even considered men, whose whole lives are governed by cast-iron regulations; whose every movement is circumscribed and restrained by penal threats, even whose secret thoughts are in a constant state of silent repression?

It is no apology whatever to affirm that the people themselves enact all laws they are commanded to obey. Even that statement is a falsity and if it were true; it would not justify majority Dictatorship of any other kind of Dictatorship.

The Constitution, under which all other laws are born, was accepted, not by us, but by bewigged individuals who are long since rotten. We are ruled, in fact by cadavers, the inhabitants of tombs.

Why should agreements made by coffined dead men, bind and mortgage living, pulsing, breathing beings?

Their bones have long ago moldered into ozone and fertilizers, who drew up signed the Bill of Rights, Magna Carta, the Sermon on the Mount, the Declaration of Independence, our Glorious Constitution, etc., etc. Rotten are the brains that concocted them and the fingers that signed them and sealed them. Equally rotten are their irrational and infantile philosophies. Rotten also in their heart, are the men who obey under compulsion voices from the tomb.

No doubt those old documents served their purpose at the time, but ‘new occasions teach new duties,’ and new ages require, not only new leaders, but new deeds.

Again, most Acts of Congress are the Machiavellian work of eminent rogues, curse them whose very names are almost forgotten except by partisan chroniclers and printers of public school histories.

As for the Common Law, it is an inheritance from those interesting old days, when Saxon and Norman earls (they were genuine noblemen then, for they had won their position by risking their lives in battle) administered ‘Justice’ direct, per media of knotted clubs, hilted knifes, and long handled cleavers. That was the only kind of ‘Law’ understood by our ‘uncivilized’ forefathers, for they had not been ‘educated’ into the profound conviction that governments and laws ‘derive all their just powers from the consent of the governed.’ Such an expression would have sent them into convulsions, and he who uttered it would be considered, a most excellent fool.

No doubt our ancestors were somewhat rude in their manners, somewhat deficient in sweetness and culture, but in manners of frozen fact they were decidedly logical. They did not sneak to public meeting and swagger about ‘Liberty,’ ‘Justice,’ and ‘Equality of Opportunity,’ or ‘Rights of Man,’ when they knew full well that not only their lives, but everything they nominally possessed was ‘by leave’ of their conquerors or proprietors. They accepted their position pro-tem, and when ready again, honestly re-entered the doom-ring to test anew their Fate.

If they could come alive again how those old Pirates and Freebooters would stare in shame and scorn at the sight of their ‘tenderfoot’ posterity, walking up in solemn, horny-handed, hump-backed procession in shoddy rags, before an idol-altar called a ballot-box, dropping into it’s gilded maw, printed invocation for Justice, Liberty, “Peace in out time O! Lord,” Protection, Cheap Money, “more laws! more laws! more laws!” How our blonde, clean-limbed ancestors would guffaw? Indeed, they would probably keep on guffawing, till they guffawed themselves to death again.

“Oh!” they would say: “to think that our seed should have sunk so low!”

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Chapter 3-6

The citadel of Power is now consolidated and prepared with the most improved armaments to repel any assault, no matter how well sustained. The nation is intersected in all directions with iron highroads and splendid waterways, whereon armies and navies may be moved from city to city with facility and dread effect. The War of Secession (or rather for the annihilation of self-government) demonstrated conclusively that a Centralized Authority, resting on herd-votes of the vulgar and fanatic is (in practice) military Absolutism. There is no other Power in the land that can effectively hold it in check. The Czar of Russia possesses less actual authority than our Federal Government. With a standing army in the hollow of its hand, it can do exactly as it pleases, i.e. if it can collect enough revenue to purchase ‘statesmen’ and pay the salaries of its praetorian cohorts.

Most Americans are only now beginning to perceive these things, but they were foreseen (and also foretold in part) by clear-sighted individuals before the Constitution itself was formally Enthroned.

Today all the old sphinx questions are again up for solution. No man of balanced sense can honestly believe that these problems are to be settled by ballot box stuffing of editorialism. Settled they must be upon ‘the good old rule, the simple plan,’ and thereafter settled and re-settled again and again; for, there is no finality in social adjustments and there should not be. Material strength is the basis of all human greatness and material strength must ‘settle’ the tyranny of the greatest number, probably with fire and steel. All other theories are chimeras, lies, delusions, make-believe and of no account.

The Philosophy of Power has slumbered long, but whenever men of sterling worth are found, it must again sweep away the old ignoble dollar-damned Pedlarisms of to-day and openly, as of old, dominate the destiny of an emancipated and all-conquering race.

What is viler than a government of slaves and usurious Jews? What is grander than a government of the Noblest and the Best, who have proved their Fitness on the plains of Death?

Cromwell and his ironsides, Caesar and his legions shall be born again; and the thunderous tread of Sulla’s fierce destroyers shall roll and rumble amid the fire and glare and smoke of crumbling constitutionalisms: “as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,” warfare without end.

Yawping politicians may harangue base city mobs of hirelings and Christlings with “Alas, poor Yorick!” rhapsody, as if struggle and strife were the evil of all evils. Figures of speech, however, cannot breathe the breath of life into feline philosophies that never have had the slightest foundation in fact. The survival of the Fittest, the Toughest is the logic of all events and of all time. They who declare otherwise are blind. The chief point is this: the Fitness must honestly demonstrate itself not by ignoble theft and theory, but by open conflicts as per Darwin’s law of battle.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chapter 3-5

Many years after the ‘Declaration’ was issued, our written Constitution was constructed with much voluble sophistry and mimic strife. That document considered as a whole, is the most cunningly worded and at the same time most terrible instrument of Government and Mastership that any Anglo-Teutonic tribe has ever yoked itself up under. Pretending to ‘grant’ liberty and self-government, it practically annihilates both. Under the show of ‘guaranteeing’ personal independence and civil rights, it has organized an elective tyranny, wherein the mob-monarch possesses more arbitrary authority than any dynastic despot since the days of Darius or Belshazzar.

The highest crime is actually written in the ‘highest law of the land.’

“Thus, did the Guile-Masters,
Their toils and their tangles set;
And, as wide as was the water:
So wide was the woven net.”

Indeed the written Constitution of our Republic is a monstrous mechanical contrivance that bids fair (when once it has got properly underway) to squeeze the very heart out of all the Best Elements in America.

Our Federal government may be very appropriately compared to a pirate ship cleverly disguised as a friendly armed cruiser conveying a fleet of peaceful merchantmen loaded with an immense treasure and 70,000,000 passengers. When it first came to their ‘assistance’ it was, O! So kindly! So affectionate! So full of loving regard for its intended prey, for the welfare and bon-voyage of its quarry. Now, however that its forty-five ships of state are out in the open ocean and absolutely at its mercy, it strips off its decoy rig, hoists the ‘Death’s-head-and-bloody-bones,’ and opens its hidden portholes, runs out its round-lipped broadsides and yells through its editorial speaking-trumpets, “Heave to there, or you’ll be blown out of the water.”

Thus it will be seen, the Jesuitic ‘Evangel of Equality’ has proved itself a tremendous success. It seduced the American People into a feeling of contentment and security till their ‘bonds’ and fetters were properly forged, polished, and neatly riveted on.

Well fashioned, indeed was the Net! A splendid spider web it has proved itself, and withal, needful.

Under the hypnotic spell of a ‘free and equal’ dream, Americans have been hustled into a convict-prison of laboriousness to piratical masters a thousand times more terrible and more unyielding than any history can describe. All that is now left of Liberty is its name, and the harmless privilege the common people have of scolding their Proprietors in vulgar editorial diatribes at or about election times. Occasionally they do descend into the streets, indulging in sanguinary vociferations upon the same general principle that impels a mangy cur to howl most dismally, if struck with a brick.

The conflict between the masters and helots is over for the present and the masters having conquered are in possession of the booty and the field. Hark! The songs of victory, the flap of the battle-pennons!

Indeed, considering all the circumstances, the common people are ‘lost souls,’ no matter what they now do, they must remain in hell. Their position is that of a worm trying to escape from its hole in a heated burning log; if it runs to the right it runs into heat and smoke, if it runs to the left it runs into blazes. A few minutes more and it is roasted alive.

Even should America’s servile multitudes appeal to the arbitrement of Physical Force, they cannot possibly win. Possessing neither the strength, courage, brains, arms, money nor leaders, they must be blown into eternal fragments by their master’s highly trained artillerists, and scientific destroyers.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Chapter 3-4

When we look back upon the childlike faith in Constitutionalism, displayed by our Revolutionary Fathers together with their infantile republican specifics for the redemption of mankind, we cannot help smiling. At every general election, since 1776, Americans have solidly for increasing the despotic authority of their elective rulers and task-masters. Personal liberty is very nearly unknown (except in the newspaper) and any citizen who dares to think in direct opposition to the dogma of the Majority does so at the risk of his life, if he thinks too loudly.

Indeed, men of the initiative and enterprise are now in the regular habit of purchasing immunity from Communal molestation by bribing legislatures and officials upon a wholesale scale. The State is a blackmail agency.

Enterprises necessitating state-permits and large preliminary expenditures of capitol cannot be safely taken until elective satraps (Aldermen, Judges, Governors, Congressmen, Presidents, Senators, etc.) have first negotiated a percentage ‘rake-off.’ Neither life nor property is safe from the malignancy, revenge or greed of government officials or their confederates. He who would assert himself in this Republic, under present conditions, must be a man of unscrupulous acumen and shrewdness. He must know the exact price of every ‘patriot,’ with whom business brings him in contact and be ready to pay it without demurnay, with an appearance of hearty enthusiasm: otherwise it will go hard with him. Should he be a poor man, his chances in life are infinitesimal, so long as he is conscientious. No citizen ‘can call his soul his own,’ who dares to openly attack the administrative scoundrelism, scoundrelism based securely upon purchasable majority votes. Those thievish official peculators of Turkey, China, Persia, and Morocco would hang their heads in utter shame at their own clumsy methods of robbery, if they once beheld the magnificent mechanism and finesse wherewith American politicians enrich themselves by bleeding the treasuries, stealing public lands, and sweating the revenues.

Indeed, Grand Viziers (heaven bless them) not only plunder living generations, but they even make Futurity contribute to their hungry rapacity.

Their schemes of financial legerdemain are of unparalleled brilliance and grandeur. They borrow thousands of millions upon National Credits from the Usurers, and then proceed to apportion the money unto each other, under the elaborate pretense of needful public expenditure, redeeming the currency, etc., etc.

In order that the Jew may be secured in his usurious ‘shent-per-shent,’ oppressive taxes are laid on the Peasantry wherewith to pay the annual interest charge upon the Bonded Millions. All of these tributes are collectable (in appreciating gold) at the point of the Supreme Court’s bayonet. However, military assistance is very seldom needed to enforce the tax-collector’s demands, because most Americans are exceptionally docile and ‘good.’ No need of coercion with a palsied people, ever eager to obey the slightest nod of their Masters.

America! America! Never shall you realize the true meaning of thorough-going Independence and Self-Proprietorship until an American Cromwell or an American Caesar has signed the death-warrant of an American King. The Executive who sells his people into bondage is a Public Enemy, whether he be an elective Monarch or a hereditary King. Such a Scoundrel and Traitor has no rights that property holding Freemen are bound to respect: no not one. By accepting the gold of Public Plunderers he makes himself an Ishmaelite. His hand is against every man’s hearth and every man’s property. Therefore, every man’s hand should be uplifted against him.

In days not long gone by, men of our Race have hung bribe-takers with scant ceremony; and even rolled the heads of Kings into the executioner’s basket.

If we are not to be robbed now of everything we possess and reduced to conditions of absolute State servitude, we must not shrink from doing so again.

Despotism, if it is to be overthrown, must be fought with its own weapons, and the vilest of Despotisms are ever founded upon Majority votes.

As for ‘the Common People,’ they are energetically chasing shadowy paternalisms and allowing their substance to be ‘appropriated’ on a gigantic scale. They are living in a fool’s paradise of ‘progress,’ and ‘peaceful industrial evolution,’ as the cant phrases go. Some of these days they may possibly wake up (when too late) and discover with alarm and astonishment that all their mock iambics have been of no avail against the insidious growth of centralized Oligarchic Herbariums, ballot-box desolation and industrial imperialism.

Americans have yet to learn that each generation must fight out it’s own good fight, and not rely for the preservation of its hardihood and independence, upon moth-eaten parchments nor on fraudulent statesmen, now in the graveyard, statesmen who spent their petty babble some lives; not in doing heroic things, but in founding and enthroning the abominations that afflict us all to-day like a palsy. Our national hero-worship badly wants reconstruction.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Chapter 3-3

There are two methods whereby masterful, ambitious men may hold any population in a state of ordered subjectivity. The first and by far the most honorable method is through an irresistible highly-trained standing army, ready to deploy anywhere; with mechanical precision at a telegraphic nod in order to lay down the Law at the cannon’s mouth and sweep away all dangerous opposition.

The second and cheaper method is, first of all, to inoculate those intended to be exploited with some poisonous political soporific, superstition, or theora; something that operating insidiously, hypodermically, may render them laborious, meek, and tractable.

The latter plan has ever proved itself the most effective because Aryan populations that would fight to the last gasp against undisguised military despotism may be induced to passively submit to any indignity or extortion, if their brains are first carefully soaked in some Abstract Lie.

At the period of the War of Independence, North America was far too wide, far too sparsely settled, and far too poor in concentrated wealth to be effectively ruled and plundered upon the standing army principle, either by King George of the successful Junta, or power-wielding Revolutionists.

Hamilton, Hancock, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Henry, and all the vested material interests that stood a solid phalanx behind those voluble patriots cast about for some safer method of ruling the minds of the uninformed but extremely valorous yeomanry, backwoodsmen, and mountaineers.

After mature consideration they determined to lull and lure the armed peasantry back into a condition of blissful somnolence, by instilling into their newly aroused minds false but seductive political idealisms, as subtle supplements to the moralisms. This cunning plot worked like a charm, for Equality of Rights seemed to puritanic minds the logical outcome of that other hoary old lie, ‘Equality before God.’ (“What a set of damned rascals they were!” was Governor Morris’s terse, rugged, but ever memorable description of the Congress of smart Corruptionists that adopted and formally proclaimed those famous and fatal Abstractions.)

Thereupon, the Sword of Power that conquered on the battlefield was carefully hidden away out of sight and ‘Constitutionalism’ invoked to aid in the re-harnessing of the Conquerors of Cornwallis by their new masters. The old systems of Jurisprudence and Government (founded on naked force) were cleverly retained, even amplified, and at the same time the white skinned populations were cunningly proclaimed ‘free and equal.’ Never having enjoyed the genuine personal freedom (except on the Indian border) being for the most part descendants of hunted-out European starvelings and fanatics, (defeated battlers) they now stupidly thought that they had won Freedom at last by the patent device of selecting a complete outfit of new tax-gathers every fourth year.

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